Buying a grinder - Is it worth it?

Is using a grinder even worth it? Many have asked this and damn it I'm here to set the record straight by giving you the facts so you can make your own decision. Let me example, just like the name implies herb grinders are helpful when it comes to grinding any types of herbs or weeds. Herb grinders are generally used to grind up medical marijuana into an almost fine powder so it will burn and roll easier.

Types of grinders

Herb grinders are made from a few different types of materials. The most common are wooden grinders, acrylic grinders and aluminum grinders.
  1. Wooden grinders are inexpensive, work well, and add extra flare to your medical marijuana accessories. You can find more information on the pros and cons of wood grinders here, at our wooden grinder section.

  2. Acrylic grinders are regarded as an entry level grinder best for beginners or people that need a clean disposable grinder to use and throw away. They do not work very well, albeit they get the job done. You can read more about acrylic grinders here.

  3. Lastly are the best quality grinders you can buy, metal grinders. Now just like anything metal grinders come in a variety of qualities. You have low end entry level metal grinders all the way up to the top of the line space case grinders (more information on space case grinders found here). If you get a good one you will love it. To find learn more about metal grinders see our section here.
For years herb grinders have mostly been portable hand crank grinders. In recent years automatic grinders have become even more common. Many medical patients have serious pain. This can make it hard to use a standard grinder. To aide these patients two different grinder types of emerged. The first is electric grinders and the second is crank case grinders.
  1. Electric grinders are just how they sound. A grinder that rotates automatically allowing ground herb with no effort.

  2. On the other hand you have crank case grinders which have a small hand crank attached to the top. This gives the user much needed leverage to grind up even the hardest cali kush.

Design and Features

Herb grinders come in different designs, colors, and sizes. To compete in a highly competitive market many of the grinder manufacturers have been introducing some very innovative features. You have high times winning designs from mama grind who introduced the lighter and grinder combo to the world. Many companies have also been pushing the limits with multi stage grinders. Many top companies offer up to five stage grinders now. The more stages (aka screen) a grinder has the finer the keif will be at the bottom.

Why should you Get a Herb Grinder?

A herb grinder has many different benefits. The number one benefit is you do not waste and lose THC like you would if you break your medical marijuana up by hand. All the extra THC that gets knocked off goes through a screen to and into the bottom of the grinder where it collects. The second benefit to using a grinder is the consistency at which you can grind up the herb is unmatched. This comes particularly in handy when rolling a joint. Marijuana that has been ground up with a grinder can more easily be rolled into a joint and smokes much more smooth and uniform. This is also true when smoking a bowl, bong or bubbler. Ground marijuana always smokes best when done with a grinder.

How to Select a Herb Grinder?

For a new buyer, selecting a herb grinder is no doubt a confusing process given the availability and wide variety of grinders. Various factors need to be taken into consideration before making a decision when buying a herb grinder. The number one question to ask before buying a grinder is what can I afford? As we have learned a grinder more than pays for itself so the higher quality of grinder you get the better it will work and the more money it will save you.

As mentioned earlier, you have three main choices of grinders.You have wooden, acrylic, metal, grinders. Wooden and acrylic grinders are usually the same price, however some acrylic grinders are known to be slightly cheaper. Acrylic grinders can be $10-$20 and wooden grinders can be found for $15-$20. Now if you want to get a higher quality grinder you need to start with a metal grinder which are priced from $30 and up. The top of the line metal grinders start at $60.

Where to buy?

Many people ask where to buy a herb grinder. As with anything the best place to find a good deal is online. Though head shops and gas stations have been known to offer good herbal grinders most have a limited selection and often demand much higher prices. On the other hand, online shopping offers you a wide variety of herbal grinders – all at competitive price and if you know where to look you can usually find free shipping on grinders. To make sure you get the best possible product online, read a couple of reviews first and also ensure that the online shop you are going to buy something from is reputable.

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